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Rochford Hotel wedding photography

It was an honour to be the wedding photographer of Andy and Anna. I knew Andy from our local camera club. He then moved away too Essex where he and his wife Anna live. Photographing the wedding of another photographer can be intimidating but soon after I arrived in Southend-on-Sea Andy’s warm greeting and relaxed manner dispelled my anxiety in no time. The wedding and reception took place at the Rochford Hotel, which is perfect for a small wedding. The garden at the back of the hotel provides a good backdrop for group photos and couple shots. I always like...

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Leatherhead Register Wedding

When it comes top wedding photography there is no such thing as bad weather. An experienced and skilled photographer knows how to get the desired shot by improvisation. Having said that, a nice venue makes a huge difference. It goes without saying that a good location lends itself to great images, like the  Stanhill Court Hotel. It’s very important to agree at the initial meeting that the bride needs to be ready at least 40min before leaving for the church or register office. This gives just the right time to photograph her un-rushed. The hotel has a nice wooden...

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Bridal Portraits

Model photo shoot with Phoebe Wedding photography requires many stills including photojournalism, portraitures, lighting skills, organisational skills and being good with people. Most brides look at their best on their wedding day. They wear an expensive wedding dress, have their nails manicured, hair and make up by a stylist. It’s the perfect time to shoot a great portrait of her. But that requires a lot of skill and practice. Shooting images of models in a relaxed environment is a great way forward. I have been reading Frank Doorhof’s book Mastering the Model Shoot, and it has been very inspiring. As a wedding photographer I am constantly developing my lighting techniques. If you are a photographer or interested in photography, you might like to visit his blog on a regular basis. The photo shoot with Phoebe (a newly qualified actor) was a great experience, though working with a model whom you have never met before can be daunting and challenging for both. However, Phoebe’s relaxed manner and easygoing attitude made the shoot very interesting. I experimented with various lighting setups and Phoebe gave me varied moods in the images. There was no stylist or make up artists involved! I did this shoot at home with just two light set up in a long and narrow room, which restricted me in what I could...

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Award winning image

iPad Generation This image of mine won the Rosebowl Trophy two years ago. It was a tough competition as many entries were by highly qualified members of the Royal Photographic Society. I find street photography very enjoyable though it doesn’t provide me with a source of income, it hasn’t so far and it’s not often you come across situations where your subject is completely unaware of you and you have a few moments in which you can grab the shot. May be if you are using a long telephoto lens but not when you are using a 35mm lens. It was a pleasant summer’s evening and music was being played by a small band in a hall. This young lady came and sat down in front of me on the carpet and got out her iPad. She was not only very attractive, but she was beautifully lit by downlighting ceiling lamps, separating her from the dark surroundings. The illumination of the iPad screen lit her face. I got out my Fuji X100 and fired a few shots. I didn’t want her or other people sitting around me to know that I was taking photos. So, I quickly fired a few shots without raising the camera to my eye or staring at the LCD monitor. Years of experience came in useful as I lined up the camera by guesswork. The image...

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Seven things all brides need to know

  Unless your friends have recommended a great photographer, finding a wedding photographer can be quite a daunting task. It’s obviously really important to make the right choice! A few years ago there were just a handful of wedding photographers to choose from. Not so anymore. These days everyone is a photographer and many hobbyists have set themselves up as wedding photographers without adequate training. All too often I hear couples expressing disappointment about the wedding photos. They are sometimes given over a thousand images, many of them being a second grade or rejects. Others being too dark and worse, their photographer failed to capture some important shots. As it’s all too late to do anything about it, busy couples just put up with it. So how do you go about booking the wedding photographer for your memorable day? Price alone, though a significant factor, should not be the main criteria. 1Meet with the photographer and look at his work, his wedding albums and other display products. Alternatively, make a Skype call with them. Interpersonal skills are vital at weddings.Bossy and rude photographers can ruin your day and upset guests. I am not exaggerating. It does happen. Do you like his style of photography – posing, lighting, the look of their wedding photos? 2Find out what training they have had in wedding photography. Professionals invest a lot of their...

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