iPad Generation

This image of mine won the Rosebowl Trophy two years ago. It was a tough competition as many entries were by highly qualified members of the Royal Photographic Society.

I find street photography very enjoyable though it doesn’t provide me with a source of income, it hasn’t so far and it’s not often you come across situations where your subject is completely unaware of you and you have a few moments in which you can grab the shot. May be if you are using a long telephoto lens but not when you are using a 35mm lens.

It was a pleasant summer’s evening and music was being played by a small band in a hall. This young lady came and sat down in front of me on the carpet and got out her
iPad. She was not only very attractive, but she was beautifully lit by downlighting ceiling lamps, separating her from the dark surroundings. The illumination of the
iPad screen lit her face. I got out my Fuji X100 and fired a few shots. I didn’t want her or other people sitting around me to know that I was taking photos. So, I quickly fired a few shots without raising the camera to my eye or staring at the LCD monitor. Years of experience came in useful as I lined up the camera by guesswork.

The image has some dodging and burning in Photoshop to remove distractions but nothing else beyond that.