London Wedding Photographer

Choosing a photographer needs several considerations. First and foremost, you should be looking for a professional with experience.


These days, when digital SLR cameras have become affordable, you might have an offer from a friend or a relative to have a go at shooting your wedding at a low price. Are you prepared to take a big risk? It’s tempting to save money on photographs – but remember that the wedding dress will be worn only once, while the cake will have been eaten and the flowers will have faded by the time you come back from your honeymoon. But your wedding album will be there for the rest of your life for you to cherish the memory of your special day. However, that’s one area where there is the temptation to cut costs.

Professionals cost more because they have invested time and money in developing their skills and are experienced in dealing with unexpected changes in lighting conditions. They use top quality photographic equipment and carry replacement gear in case of malfunction.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE INSURED: They have an insurance against public liability and professional negligence. Accidents can happen.

Some ‘shoot and burn’ photographers charge less as they give the couple a CD of images. Do you want to spend time sticking photos in an album or spend hours in designing an album yourself when you may have lots of thank you letters to write?

There is nothing like having a professionally produced album on photographic paper, where the photographer has worked on each image individually. The job of a skilled photographer is to make the bride look beautiful in every photo, which requires working on each image individually before they go onto the page of your wedding album.

On your wedding day, the last thing you want is a bossy photographer who might upset people. An experienced photographer has people skills and will work unobtrusively during your wedding ceremony. He will know how to capture the memorable moments of your wedding without being a distraction. So, don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with him or her, and ask yourself how easy it would be to work with that person on your wedding day. I think that is one of the most important criteria for choosing a photographer for your wedding besides the quality of their work and guaranteed results.

Ask your photographer to show you the quality of their work. Arrange a meeting on a no obligation basis to assess their personality. After all he or she will be with you for the duration of your event. Nothing worse than having a bossy photographer at your wedding. Ask to see a selection of prints and wedding albums they have made before coming to a final decision.