Leatherhead Register Wedding

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Wedding

When it comes top wedding photography there is no such thing as bad weather. An experienced and skilled photographer knows how to get the desired shot by improvisation. Having said that, a nice venue makes a huge difference.

It goes without saying that a good location lends itself to great images, like the  Stanhill Court Hotel. It’s very important to agree at the initial meeting that the bride needs to be ready at least 40min before leaving for the church or register office. This gives just the right time to photograph her un-rushed.

The hotel has a nice wooden staircase, and I wanted to photograph the bride at the top of the staircase which was very dark. So, I quickly set up a soft light source to the right of the staircase. I wanted to capture the stain glass windows, which I did by dragging the shutter.

We then moved to the bottom of the staircase to photograph the back of Cherie’s dress. We used the same lighting set up and within a few minutes we got the photo we were after.

It was time to leave for the register office. While Cherie waited for her car to arrive we got her standing on the front lawn. There was no breeze that morning. So we had to improvise the veil blowing in the wind, which was fun.

Confetti shots are my favourites. After the ceremony as the couple walked out of the register office I took several shots on a continuous shoot. This one turned out to be the best.

We did group photos and after that the guests left for the reception. This was the time to do a few couple shots but by this time it had started spitting. The light was fading fast as the clouds got thicker. My assistant quickly got the large soft light ready, and we got this shot. I heavily rely on my professional gear that continues to work even in wet weather.

As we moved to the reception venue, it continued to drizzle. We couldn’t take any more photos outdoors there.

For the first dance, I use multiple radio-controlled flashes, some covered with coloured gels. I never rely on the dim disco lights as they are not bright enough to freeze the action.

The image below were taken late at night when it was pitch dark. I wanted to do a backlit photo of the couple. It was still drizzling and as soon as there was a slight pause in the drizzle I got the couple out to the common to do this backlit shot. I had already made some test shots with my assistant, so it only took a few minutes to do this photo.

I am really pleased with these shots which we managed to capture in spite of the bad weather. My sincere thanks to the couple who was prepared to be adventurous and let me take some of these images.