Choosing a cheap photographer is a false economy

It’s very tempting to go for a cheap wedding photographer especially if you are on a tight budget? Is it worth the risk? Remember, this is one event which can’t be repeated in case things go wrong with your wedding photos.

It can happen, have a look at this article by Jack Alexander:

Couple Who Paid Wedding Photographer $800 are Left With ‘Dark, Grainy Images’, Family’s iPhone Photos Better

These days anyone can set themselves as a wedding photographer with very little or no training at all. They undercut professionals and couples might choose them because they are a friend of a friend. They may have a full-time job Mon to Fri and shoot weddings at the weekend. Their portfolio might look fine when viewed on a mobile phone but you might struggle to get decent prints from those images. They then supply all their images (unedited and unsorted), thousands of them, to their clients and that’s the end of their work. A friend of mine told me that at his daughter’s wedding photographer had handed him a USB with thousands of images on it, some of them were total rejects. Well, I suppose you get what you pay for.

I attended a wedding recently, not as a wedding photographer but a visitor. The photographer was a young man, and it soon became obvious to me he was just beginning his photography career and had very little experience. I said to myself, Well, we’ve all been there. However, there were a few things about him that gave me a serious concern.

He didn’t seem to have a backup camera body and was working with just one. That’s perilous as the camera bodies can go down and then the photographer becomes stuck. A friend of mine who used to work at Gray’s of Westminster, specialists in Nikon cameras, told me how on one occasion he served a panic-stricken wedding photographer who bought a second camera body. His first camera body had gone down while he was in the middle of photographing a wedding. He was rushing back to finish photographing the wedding with his brand new purchase. That’s one way of having a heart-attack I suppose.

cheap wedding photographerI also noticed that the young wedding photographer was frequently changing lenses on his camera and sadly, that’s a recipe for missing a great shot. At weddings things happen fast and just when you could do with a long lens you have a wide lens attached to your camera body. Once you’ve missed the shot that’s that. The bride and groom might never know what you missed and your collection of images miss some great moments.

This photographer was often in the wrong place missing some incredible photos as he didn’t expect what was coming. I don’t blame him as this anticipation only comes from experience and there is no shortcut to it.

By this time I realised that, instead of enjoying the celebration, I was spending more time watching this young photographer. I guess this is an occupational hazard which is very hard to overcome! So for the rest of the wedding service I did by best not to watch him.

There is a saying that flowers fade over time, the wedding dress is worn only once, food and drinks gets consumed and gone but your wedding photographs will always be there to tell the story of your wedding day. It’s a legacy you will leave for the coming generations.

So, are you wondering how to find a good, professional wedding photographer? You might find this article helpful.

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