Rochford Hotel wedding photography

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Wedding

It was an honour to be the wedding photographer of Andy and Anna. I knew Andy from our local camera club. He then moved away too Essex where he and his wife Anna live.

Photographing the wedding of another photographer can be intimidating but soon after I arrived in Southend-on-Sea Andy’s warm greeting and relaxed manner dispelled my anxiety in no time.

The wedding and reception took place at the Rochford Hotel, which is perfect for a small wedding. The garden at the back of the hotel provides a good backdrop for group photos and couple shots.

I always like to visit the venue beforehand to work out the lighting challenges and a good place for group photos. But, on this occasion I wasn’t able to do so as I was booked at short notice. Andy’s newbie photographer had let him down.

The sky was heavily overcast, and that posed the challenge of dealing with the unwanted shadows cast by eyebrows. My trusted assistant (my wife) knew precisely what to do. She held a powerful flash fitted with a light modifier, on a pole, just at the right height and angle. And voila, no more unwanted and annoying shadows.

Here is a small selection of images of my choice.