Surrey Wedding photographer

Unless your friends have recommended a great photographer, finding a wedding photographer can be quite a daunting task. It’s obviously really important to make the right choice!

A few years ago there were just a handful of wedding photographers to choose from. Not so anymore. These days everyone is a photographer and many hobbyists have set themselves up as wedding photographers without adequate training.

All too often I hear couples expressing disappointment about the wedding photos. They are sometimes given over a thousand images, many of them being a second grade or rejects. Others being too dark and worse, their photographer failed to capture some important shots. As it’s all too late to do anything about it, busy couples just put up with it.

So how do you go about booking the wedding photographer for your memorable day? Price alone, though a significant factor, should not be the main criteria.

1Meet with the photographer and look at his work, his wedding albums and other display products. Alternatively, make a Skype call with them. Interpersonal skills are vital at weddings.Bossy and rude photographers can ruin your day and upset guests. I am not exaggerating. It does happen. Do you like his style of photography – posing, lighting, the look of their wedding photos?

2Find out what training they have had in wedding photography. Professionals invest a lot of their time in honing their art. They invest money in expensive equipment to produce top quality images that capture emotions and tell the story of your day.

3Are they going to give you all the hundreds of images – good and bad? Are they going to filter out the worst shots? You don’t want to spend hours going through duff shots. Will they do any retouching?You can rarely make high-quality prints from images straight out of a camera. All digital images need some retouching.

4Are they fully insured against Public Liability (essential for photographing in public place) and Professional Indemnity? The latter covers you in case the photographer’s memory card gets corrupted and they lose some of the images of your precious day.

5Do they belong to a professional body – important in case of a dispute

6How long will they take to deliver the images of your wedding day? I met a lady recently who said that she was still waiting for her wedding images four months after her wedding.

7Do they offer complete services besides giving you the images on a DVD/USB? You might be asking for just the images and you may have time on your hands to make your own wedding album or print images yourself.Many professional brides don’t have time for that these days. After returning from the honeymoon the pressures of life take over and the DVD/USB lies in the drawer for months.Why not check with your professional photographer if he/she provides a complete service – Thank You cards, wedding albums, wall and high-end desktop products for your office or home?

If you bear the above things in mind when booking a photographer for your wedding then you won’t be disappointed.

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